Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix


• Spray leaf fertilizer for quick nutrient boost
• Green up your leaves
• Helps STOP leaf bronzing & defoliation
• Use monthly during growing season
• 1 Tablet covers 100 sqft of boxwood



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Product Overview

TOPBUXUS® BOXWOOD RESTORE & PROTECT MIX (aka ‘Health-Mix’) is a boxwood leaf fertilizer (8-0-10) that comes in a water-soluble concentrated tablet that delivers a professional grade blend of major and minor nutrients.  It’s the only fertilizer on the market made just for boxwood.


Superior Nutrition Delivered

Scientifically developed and made just for boxwood.  This 1 inch sized tablet with the formula (8-0-10) delivers a boost of nutrients! Made on a natural base, it contains nitrogen and potash to stimulate boxwood growth; and magnesium and sulphur to promote the absorption of micronutrients which keep the leaves green and healthy all season long.

Grow Healthier Boxwood

Be the envy of your neighborhood with green healthy boxwood beauties!  Our fertilizer delivers the nutrients needed to promote growth, gorgeous green leaves, and naturally helps increase its resistance to diseases.  Made for all boxwood varieties.

Easy to Use

    1. MEASURE
    2. MIX
    3. SPRAY

Eco & Pollinator Friendly Products

Our product is friendly to the environment, bees and all of our pollinator friends. We care about the environment and support healthy alternatives for boxwood care.

Coverage Area By Product Size

10 Tablets40 Tablets100 Tablets800 Tablets
1,000 sq. ft.4,000 sq. ft.10,000 sq. ft.80,000 sq. ft. or 2 acres

Get Healthy & Thriving Boxwood All Season Long with Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix!


Easy To Use – Only 3 Steps!



Product & Usage Tips

When to Apply
Monthly, during your growing season (For example, East Coast is from March through November).

How to Apply
Start with a dry boxwood plant. For best results, make sure that the temperature range is between the low 60ºF to mid 80ºF.  Spray in the morning if the days are warm.  If you spray the leaves when the temperature is above 85ºF, you risk burning the boxwood leaves.  Spray the fertilizer from the top to bottom of the boxwood plant: the canopy, in the center and underneath the leaves.

Apply the fertilizer enough so the plant is wet, but not dripping wet. Once the leaves have been sprayed, allow 3 hours of drying time.

Boxwood Blight
If you suspect or confirm Boxwood Blight, mulch under your boxwood to prevent water splash up onto your boxwood from the ground from the rain or any other water source.  Shredded hardwood mulch, straw, pine needles, pine straw, and Sweet Peet® are great mulch sources for boxwood plants.

Coverage Area
1 tablet of this product covers 100 square feet of boxwood.  Helpful tip – 1 tablet covers approximately (3) boxwood that are 3 ft high-round boxwood.

Coverage area by product size

10 Tablets40 Tablets100 Tablets800 Tablets
1,000 sq. ft.4,000 sq. ft.10,000 sq. ft.80,000 sq. ft. or 2 acres

Product Analysis
8-0-10 leaf fertilizer with secondary nutrients.

Can Be Used With Other Products
When Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is used in conjunction with Boxwood Turbo Grow together they provide a complete nutritional boost your boxwood crave!  You’ll be fertilizing your boxwood from top to bottom! You can also use pest control products as well with the product.

Keep unopened tablet packages in the original container in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.  Once the tablet has been mixed with water, the fertilizer solution can keep for up to 3 weeks.

Download instructions on How to Use Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix.

Q&A Tab
Check out our Q&A tab for more product and usage information.

Improves Overall Plant Health & Its Resistance to Disease


Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers


What is the difference between TOPBUXUS BOXWOOD RESTORE & PROTECT MIX and TOPBUXUS Health- Mix?
ANSWER: The only thing that has changed is the name. The products are identical and both are manufactured and supplied by TOPBUXUS® Growing Solutions in the Netherlands. TOPBUXUS® Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is sold by TOPBUXUS USA, which is the exclusive distributor of the product in the U.S. and Canada. TOPBUXUS® Health-Mix is sold throughout Europe. Learn more about TOPBUXUS USA.

Can I use Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix with Boxwood Turbo Grow?
ANSWER: Yes. We call it the “Dual Action Advantage.”  When the products are used together, it’s the only system that feeds your boxwood from the top (leaves) to bottom (soil and root system).

How do I know if I have Boxwood Blight?
ANSWER: Symptoms of boxwood blight include: dark or light-brown circular leaf spots; dark stem cankers or ‘streaks’; straw to bronze colored, blighted foliage; and leaf drop. Blighting and defoliation can occur rapidly with complete leaf loss under warm (64° to 80° F) wet and humid conditions. Under high humidity, you may see the white fuzzy masses consisting of numerous sticky spores on infected stems and leaves. Even after severe defoliations, root systems of boxwood blight-infected plants remain healthy and intact which means recovery is possible. Learn more about Symptoms of Boxwood Blight.

What are the ingredients of BOXWOOD RESTORE & PROTECT MIX?
ANSWER: 8-0-10-leaf fertilizer with Secondary Nutrients (Nitrogen, Soluble Potash, Magnesium, Sulfur).

ANSWER: It’s 3 easy steps! Learn more about how to use the product reading the “Direction” tab and downloading the Directions, pdf file.

ANSWER: 1 tablet plus 1 quart of water can cover up to 100 square feet of boxwood shrub, hedge or boxwood plants in containers. You can calculate how much Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix solution you will need by measuring the square footage of the boxwood area to be covered.

Coverage area by product size:

10 Tablets40 Tablets100 Tablets800 Tablets
1,000 sq. ft.4,000 sq. ft.10,000 sq. ft.80,000 sq. ft. or 2 acres

When is the best time to use Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix?
ANSWER: For best results, apply the spray monthly during your growing season depending on your location  (for example, March through November for the East Coast).  The best temperatures to apply the fertilizer are between the low 60° F through 85° F, early morning hours are ideal.  Any hotter temperatures above 85° F and you are at risk of burning your boxwood leaves.  

Can I use a sprayer that hooks up to a garden hose?
ANSWER: No. You will need to use a pump sprayer so that the nutrient water-soluble tablet(s) can be mixed with water.  You can use a hand pump sprayer or for larger areas, a backpack pump sprayer or tank commercial grade pump sprayer.

Can I spray my boxwood after I have pruned them?
ANSWER: Yes. Collect or remove boxwood debris from your pruning or shearing activities.  Do not compost the debris in case the debris is diseased.  Instead, the debris should be bagged for municipal waste.

What happens if it rains 24 hours after spraying the Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix treatment solution?  Do I need to repeat the treatment?

ANSWER: No. Once the treatment has been sprayed on dry boxwood leaves, the solution needs approximately 3 hours of drying time to ensure that the treatment does not wash off the boxwood leaves.

Can I over spray my boxwood?
ANSWER:  No. You will not cause damage to your boxwood.

When is the best time to use BOXWOOD RESTORE & PROTECT MIX?
ANSWER: Apply the spray solution monthly during your growing season months (March-April through November). Don’t apply the spray solution if the temperature is above 77° F.  You don’t want to burn the boxwood leaves.

Once I’ve made up my BOXWOOD RESTORE & PROTECT MIX solution, how long will it keep?
ANSWER: Once the nutrient tablet is mixed with water in your sprayer, we recommend using the liquid fertilizer within 2 to 3 weeks.  The next time you use it, make sure to give your sprayer a good shake or mix to ensure the nutrients are well mixed.  If the mixture becomes lumpy or solidifies in anyway, we advise disposing of the liquid fertilizer solution so it will not block your sprayer nozzle.

How long will the nutrient tablet keep in its original product package?
ANSWER: As a solid tablet, kept in its original product package and in the bucket container, it will keep for approximately 3 years.  Keep the product in a dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

We’re a Landscaping Service and Garden Center. We want to stock your products. What do we do?
ANSWER: We love the question! You can complete and submit our Trade & Wholesale Application or we’ll be glad to chat with you about the opportunity. Please give us a call at 888-826-2077 or email us at


Size10 Tablet Bucket40 Tablet Bucket100 Tablet Bucket800 Tablet Bucket
Content10 Individually plastic wrapped tablets40 Individually plastic wrapped tablets100 Individually plastic wrapped tabletsFor Commerical Use

20 sachets of 40 tablets
Total Coverage Area1,000 sq. ft.4,000 sq. ft.10,000 sq. ft.80,000 sq. ft. or 2 acres
Application TypeSprayer Applic.Sprayer Applic.Sprayer Applic.Sprayer Applic.
Concentrated or Ready to UseConcentrated, Effervescent TabletConcentrated, Effervescent TabletConcentrated, Effervescent TabletConcentrated, Effervescent Tablet
All Natural BaseYesYesYesYes
Weight7.05 oz.28.22 oz. or 2 lbs.70.55 oz. or 4 lbs.564.38 oz or 36 lbs.
Dimensions for shipping5" l x 5" w x 5" h9" l x 9" w x 5" h9" l x 9" w x 8" h13" l x 13" w x 14" h


• Keep out of reach of children.
• Seek immediate medical treatment if ingested or have contact with eyes.
• We recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses.

Disposal Methods

Empty bucket: Can be offered for recycling or disposed of in regular trash.
Unused product: We recommend you use all the product. If you do not wish to use it, please give it to a friend or neighbor to save boxwood. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your town’s recycling and refuse department for disposal instructions.



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