Boxwood Turbo Grow

• Control-release fertilizer
• Feeds boxwood for up to 2 months
• Promotes healthy root system and growth
• Helps STOP yellowing & orange leaves
• 1 lb covers 100 sqft of boxwood
• Use with Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix


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Product Overview

TOPBUXUS® BOXWOOD TURBO GROW an All-Season fast acting fertilizer (13-3-13) that delivers a balanced nutrition needy by all boxwood varieties to produce a healthy root system, turbo growth, and deep lush green leaves.


Superior Nutrition Delivered

Scientifically developed and made just for boxwood. This control release formula (13-3-13) delivers a boost of nutrients! Made on a natural base, it contains nitrogen to promote beautiful green leaves; phosphorus to promote a healthy root system for growth; and soluble potash (an enriched source of potassium) for plant vigor. A healthy plant is better able to resist diseases. Boxwood benefit from fertilization since the soil doesn’t always have enough of the nutrients boxwood need to stay healthy and thrive all season long.

This is the same fertilizer formula used and trusted by professional growers!

Grow Healthier Boxwood

Helps boxwood root development and improves the quality of growth all season long. Helps stop yellowing and orange leaves.

Easy to Use

    1. MEASURE
    2. SPRED
    3. WATER-IN

Eco & Pollinator Friendly Products

Our product is friendly to the environment, bees and all of our pollinator friends. We care about the environment and support healthy alternatives for boxwood care.

Coverage Area By Product Size

44 lb
4,400 sqft

Give Your Boxwood Root System the Nutrient Boost – Use Boxwood Turbo Grow!


Easy To Use – Only 3 Steps!



Product & Usage Tips

When and How Often to Apply
An All-Season fertilizer, apply BOXWOOD TURBO GROW any time of the year to boost your boxwood with the nutrients it needs.  Apply once every 6 to 8 weeks or 3 times a season.Boxwood benefit most from fertilizing in the spring as soon as you see new buds and in late fall to promote root growth over the winter. Apply when the temperature is above 59°F.

Where to Use
Use on boxwood shrubs, boxwood hedges, and boxwood in containers.

How to Apply
Measure the boxwood area to fertilize; calculate sqft by length x width. Spread the fertilizer around the base of the boxwood just beyond the drip line where the most active roots are located either on the soil or over mulch.  Water-in the fertilizer to wash it into the soil for the roots for quick absorption.

Yellowing & Orange Leaves
One sign that your boxwood lacks nitrogen and the right nutrients is a general yellowing of the leaves.  Apply BOXWOOD TURBO GROW fast acting, quick release for beautiful green colored leaves.

Coverage Area
1 lb (about 2 cups) of granular fertilizer covers 100 square feet of boxwood.

Coverage Area By product size

44 lb
4,400 sqft

Product Analysis
13-3-13 All-Season balanced fertilizer with secondary nutrients.  Nitrogen to promote lush beautiful green leaves; phosphorus to promote root growth and density; and soluble potash (an enriched source of potassium) for plant vigor and helps with disease resistance.

Can Be Used With Other Products
When Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is used in conjunction with Boxwood Turbo Grow together they provide a complete nutritional boost your boxwood crave!  You’ll be fertilizing your boxwood from top to bottom! You can also use pest control products as well with the product.

Keep the fertilizer in its original product container with the lid tightly closed and keep out of direct sunlight and in a dry environment.  The product will last a minimum of 3 years.

Download instructions on How to Use Boxwood Turbo Grow.

Q&A Tab
Check out our Q&A Tab for more product and usage information.

Easy To Use Boxwood Turbo Grow Fertilizer

Achieve Superior Health Performance

Frequently asked questions from our customers


Does this fertilizer STOP the yellowing of leaves?
ANSWER: Absolutely! BOXWOOD TURBO GROW fertilizer is formulated to promote lush foliage, gorgeous green color, and improves the overall health of the boxwood to help resist disease by stimulating root growth and density.

Do I use a sprayer to apply BOXWOOD TURBO GROW?
ANSWER: No. This boxwood fertilizer is granular. Apply it to the soil directly or over mulch and water it into the soil.

ANSWER: It’s easy to use – 3 steps. Measure the boxwood area to be covered by Length x Width to calculate the total sqft. The rate is 1 lb of fertilizer to cover 100 soft.  Spread it around the base of the boxwood – just beyond the drip line.  Water-In the fertilizer into the soil by hand or naturally, with rain.

For gardening safety, we always recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves when performing any kind of plant treatment.

Can I over fertilize my boxwood?
ANSWER: Yes. Using too much fertilizer can be just as bad as inadequate amounts.  Over fertilizing will cause the leaves to brown and may even result in branches dying.  Apply the appropriate amount.  And to be even safer, make sure the area has been thoroughly irrigated before applying any fertilizer.

When is the best time to use BOXWOOD TURBO GROW?
ANSWER: Boxwood benefit most from fertilizing in spring to promote green growth or in late fall to promote root growth over winter. Apply Boxwood Turbo Grow 3 times during mid months of April, June and August.  Apply when the temperature is above 59° F.

Can I apply the fertilizer after I’ve pruned my boxwood?
ANSWER: Yes. Fertilize after you have pruned to help give your boxwood a nutritional boost to enhance its regrowth and rejuvenation.

Can I use Boxwood Turbo Grow with Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix?
ANSWER: Yes! When the products are used together, the fertilizers provide a complete nutritional system your boxwood crave!! 

Why shouldn’t I use Holly-tone® to fertilize my boxwood?
ANSWER: While boxwood is part of the evergreen family, there is one thing that makes boxwood different.  Boxwood and Arborvitaes are evergreen shrubs.  They are not acid-loving plants.  Holly-tone® is for acid-loving plants like evergreens.

Is BOXWOOD GROW fertilizer safe to use around dogs, cats and wildlife?
ANSWER: TOPBUXUS® BOXWOOD GROW fertilizer does not pose any health risks when applied according to the instructions. After you spread the fertilizer, water it into the soil and allow it to dry before you have your dog or cat return to the treated boxwood area.

How long will the BOXWOOD GROW product keep?
ANSWER: Since it’s a granular fertilizer, the shelf life is a minimum of 3 years. Keep the product in its original container with the lid tightly closed and keep out of direct sunlight.

We’re a Landscaping Service and Garden Center. We want to stock your products. What do we do?
ANSWER: We love the question. You can complete and submit our Trade & Wholesale Application or we’ll be glad to chat with you directly about the opportunity! Please give us a call at 888-826-2077 or email us at


Size1 lb10 lb44 lb
Content1 lb Granular Fertilizer10 lb Granular Fertilizer44 lb Granular Fertilizer
Total Coverage Area100 sqft1,000 sqft4,400 sqft
Application TypeSurfaceSurfaceSurface
Concentrated or Ready to UseReady to UseReady to UseReady to Use
Weight1 lb10 lbs44 lbs
Dimensions for shipping5" l x 5" w x 5" h9" l x 9" w x 8" h13" l x 13" w x 14" h


• Keep out of reach of children.
• Seek immediate medical treatment if ingested or have contact with eyes.
• We recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses.

Disposal Methods

Empty bucket: Can be offered for recycling or disposed of in regular trash.
Unused product: We recommend you use all the product. If you do not wish to use it, please give it to a friend or neighbor to save boxwood. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your town’s recycling and refuse department for disposal instructions.


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